Traveling to panama

Whether you are coming to Panama for vacation or only for the weekend, below we provide information related to airlines, ticket pricing, visas, transportation and tourist attractions.


copa airlines

Panamanian airline serving flights to all  Latin America and the US. Direct flights are offered from New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

united airlines

Serving direct flights from New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and others. Similar routes to Copa Airlines. Difference is no free meals.

delta airlines

Offers flight options from a variety of destinations in the US and Europe. We recommend this airline for long flights and layovers.

american airlines

If departing from the US, American Airlines is usually the most affordable airline to travel with. May include longer and/or more than one layover. 


  • Your destination airport is the Tocumen International Airport (PTY)
  • Try to book flights at least 5 months ahead to avoid premium rates.
  • January is considered a high season for tourism in Panama. Therefore, we encourage our guests to plan ahead and set up price alerts in sites like to notify you when prices fluctuate.
  • Ticket pricing will depend on the airline and city of departure. So, it might be a good idea to try nearby airports and different airlines.
  • Try to compare flights.
  • Hopper is also a useful phone app for watching and booking flights.


For our guests that are traveling to Panama for the first time, please note that some countries might require a tourist Visa to enter the country. 

Some of those countries are, but are not limited to: India, Jordan, Nigeria and Georgia.

If you would like to learn more about visa requirements, please click the button below.


Panama is a relatively safe city to travel around. It is very easy to hail a cab anywhere in the city or order an Uber from your phone.

If interested in renting a car, it is recommended to reserve online or at the airport at your arrival. Dollar Rent A Car is usually the most popular option within the city. Please note that driving in Panama City can be overwhelming. 

Transportation will be provided on Saturday, January 13th from the Ceremony to the Reception, and from the Reception to the respective hotels.

tourist attractions


On Friday, January 12th, 2018, a City Tour will be organized for our guests who would like to explore the city in one day. If you are interested, please contact us directly to know more about it and to save your spot.


Panama Canal

As the saying says, "You haven't seen Panama, if you haven't visited the Canal", you better take a look at the Miraflores Locks. Visiting the Canal gives a different perspective of its history and its influence to our country. You can go to the visitors center and experience the process in action and visit the museum.


Casco Viejo

'Casco', as many locals call this neighborhood, is the historic district of Panama. This is a place to go for great food, shops, panoramic views of the city and a lively nightlife with the best restaurants, bars and rooftops. Below you can find some fun things to do in Casco.

Sightseeing: Plaza de Francia; Paseo de las Bóvedas; Teatro Nacional; Museo del Canal; Presidencia                                            

Bar and Lounge: Tántalo Rooftop; Pedro Mandinga Rum Bar and Distillery; Barlovento Rooftop; Zaza Lounge; Teatro Amador; Rana Dorada; Casa Jaguar.

Restaurants: Madrigal; Donde José; OchoYMedio; Diablícos; L'Ostería; Bodega del Casco; Grapes, Casablanca; Casa Casco

Coffeeshops/Specialty: Bajareque Coffee House; Granclement Gourmet Ice Cream; Café Unido; other small coffeshops and stores are all over Casco.

Mercado del Marisco is a seafood market, where you can find the best ceviche in town. You can also try the popular "pesca'o frito y patacones" (fried fish and plantains).


city Tours

PTY Life offers a variety of city tours at very affordable pricing. If interested, just click the link below, or contact directly.

E:      P: 001 (907) 563-9581     Website & IG:   


San Blas Islands

Archipelago of more than 300 islands off the coast of Panama's Northwest. Approximately 2 hours from the city, it makes San Blas the best destination for a day tour. If you want more information or would like to book a day-trip, please see the contact information below.


San Blas Pty

Offers transportation from the city, lodge and day-trip            E:        P: 001 (507) 6506-2959             IG & FB: SanBlasPty       

Mr. Germain - San Blas

Personal contact for local arrangements including transportation, trips and food. Day-trip and longer tours.        P: 001 (507) 6734-3454 (WhatsApp)